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Full Name Thalassa Ultimes
Species Nachzehrer
Gender Female
Alignment Abyss Knights / Crimson Crusaders
Lives The Twilit Citadel
Element Light / Frost
Family Umbra (Father), Reika (Mother), Lucerna (Uncle), Neomenia (brother), several unnamed siblings (presumed dead)
Associates Laitona (Best friend), the Crimson Crusaders (friends)
Name Meaning Named after the primordial sea goddess
Weapon Sea parablade Tethys and the dream gun, Lethargas Dei
Alternate Form Absolute Oceanus
Level Lv. 700
Job Class Sea Princess

Thalassa is Umbra's daughter, and one of the Abyss Knight elite. She becomes one of the Crimson Crusaders and helps the heroes in their battle against the Nachzehrer empire.


Thalassa mug
Thalassa is a slender woman with ridiculously long blue hair, an elaborately-designed white dress with several blue adornments and markings on it, blue nails, a teal ribbon with a pink flower on it, a dark blue choker, white heeled shoes, green eyes, blue waistbow and has the symbol of frost on her dress.


Thalassa is shy, but also rude and unwelcoming to people she doesn't know right off the bat. However, at the same time, she is also generous, kind, intelligent and values her friends with a passion. She doesn't turn her back on people in danger (although she makes exceptions based on certain people) and is known to love her parents with all her heart due to how lovingly they raised her. She is also proud of her womanly figure and oftenly changes her clothes to reflect it.

Likewise, she hates being a Nachzehrer due to being associated with their unruly behavior and always tries to pretend she is a human being so she wouldn't incite panic among regular people.

When it comes to her priestess counterpart, she both confides in her and pokes fun at her when she's bored due to their long-lasting relationship with each other. Thalassa also seems to have a burning hatred for people like Luciano, which is the reason why she wouldn't give him a chance until he decided to change his ways-- although in reality, she grew to love him anyway.


Thalassa was one of the many Nachzehrer children procreated by Umbra throughout the years. However, she was given another chance by her mother and father to be raised with love and care, preventing her from becoming a heartless murderer like her other siblings.

She is Umbra's favorite child and is the "princess" of the Abyss Knights, having been raised to become the next leader should Umbra ever get killed. Ever since Umbra brought Laitona in as one of the Abyss Knights, the two of them have known each other and have been friends with ever since, even for as much of a hassle it was.

Thalassa has always hated being a Nachzehrer due to what they're usually associated with, and tries to hide her true nature from normal people because of it.

Powers / Weapons

As a Nachzehrer, Thalassa is identified by her mastery of the frost element and her ability to make people fall asleep. Not only that, she can create more Nachzehrer with her black blood, but never attempts to because of how much she detests the idea.

She is in possession of the sacred weapon Tethys, which is a parasol that can transform into a double-edged scythe with a crystalline blade. She also has Lethargas Dei (The Drowsiness of God), a mystical handgun that Thalassa can use to enhance her powers and attack from a distance.

Thalassa can transform her clothes into whatever she wishes, the clothes in question doubling as armor for her to wear.

She also possesses the standard abilities for her species:


  • Thalassa's dress is heavily based off of that of Princess Peach.
  • She has been inspired by the Arrancar Sun-Sun from Bleach.
  • She is also showing a growing amount of similarities to Stocking Anarchy from the anime Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt.

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