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Time period (In story) Divixean counterpart to October 21st, 2009 (Starting date)
Originally made ---
Heroes Allen, Nina, Beatrice, Junelaide, Ronove, Ralus, Claus, VictoriaSidera, etc.
Villains The Verus Amor company / Letalis Arma
Monsters featured False Angels, Succubi, Reapers, etc.
Arcs Several
Arc length Chapter 1 - ?
Precedes Unknown
Succeeds N/A
Genre Romance / Fantasy / Action
Moral Unknown so far
Plot synopsis Allen must discover the origins of the mysterious girl known as Nina but is hunted down by an unseen enemy

Tale of a Sun and Moon is a side story taking place a year before the Black Blood Crusades

It is a part romance, part action story revolving around the origins of the mysterious girl known as Nina Leitzal and unearthing the secrets behind the Verus Amor company.

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