Full name Selena Fallacia
Species Succubus
Gender Female
Element Luna / Flame
Lives At Samael's mansion
Family Amedia (Younger sister), Bellamine (Older sister), Artelus (Older brother)
Associates Samael (Primary lover), etc.
Weapon Herself / An axe with blue flame
Level Lv. 850
Alternate form Unknown so far
Status Enemy

Selena is one of the Fallacia demon siblings, the only Succubus of the four, and is Samael's loyal companion / lover.

She helps abduct people to add to Verus Amor's supply.


Selene is a 


She is very confident of her abilities - headstrong, relentless and decietful. Selene treats Same with the highest amount of care and respect, if only because of the immense feelings of lust she feeds off of him and the harem he has amassed.

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