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Full Name Nevinna Ruzia
Species Nachzehrer
Gender Female
Alignment The Nachzehrer empire
Element Dark / Storm
Lives In the Sable Fortress
Family Deceased / Iduun (Adoptive mother)
Associates Crimson Crusaders, Mereno, etc.
Name Meaning Innocent Rose in Czech
Alternate Form
Weapon Serpenter
Job Nachzehrer Princess

Nevinna is a powerful Nachzehrer serving as one of the members of the Inner Circle, a group of Nachzehrer who represent the seven deadly sins - with Nevinna standing as Gluttony.


Nevinna takes the appearance of a young girl with blue blush makeup, yellow eyes, purple hair tied into ringlets on the sides of her head, blue nails, a black hat with black roses on it, an elegantly designed black dress with long sleeves and what appears to be a black mourning veil.

Personality / Backstory

Nevinna was originally a normal human girl and an Abyss Knight that worked for Umbra to help achieve a better future due to her family's poor fortune. However, a group of bandits came along when Nevinna was not around, killed her parents and burned down her house. When she discovered the incident, the despair drove her to become a Nachzehrer - she discovered the bandits and acted out her revenge, only to roam around the Outer Fields without a home and without guidance afterward.

However, she was discovered by Iduun almost immediately and was taken into a new home - Neumond Reich.

As a Nachzehrer, she felt bitter and depressed, having been taken in by Iduun and the rest ever since she couldn't save her parents. Thanks to Iduun hoarding feelings of hatred only for her enemies and the other Inner Circle members acting as mentors / replacement familiy members, they and the rest were able to raise Nevinna in a kind home and have been together for years, all working together to fight against the Abyss Knights and create more Nachzehrer.

Nevinna herself is gentle and kind, but often puts her feelings aside when dealing with opponents to the kingdom - oftentimes when the burden is too much for her, she lets someone else do the job. However, she will act upon her own instincts as the Sin of Gluttony to eat her opposition whole through the metal snake that comes out of her back.


Nevinna wields the Serpenter - a long purple laser blade similar to a naginata.


Despite her elegant appearance, Nevinna Ruzia is inhumanly strong, knowing over several different types of magic to attack with, such as flight, barrier, super strength, enhanced endurance and various others.

Her most infamous power is summoning a metal snake out of her back in the shape of a snake which she can use to voraciously eat people whole. As the Sin of Gluttony, she is able to eat continously with no ill side effects and can also manipulate time-space to warp around her enemies and poison them with a paralyzing venom.

She also has a seperate form:

The reason behind her comparatively high power is due to the amount of opponents, human or monster, she's consumed.

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  • Nevinna is based off of Charlotte from Puella Magi Madoka Magica in her initial form, and is a foil to Laitona because of it.
    • Likewise, she is also inspired by the anime version of Queen Victoria from Black Butler.
  • She is likely the representative for the Maranette and Sleeper Nachzehrer zombies, due to all the similar traits.

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