Full Name Llednar Twem
Species Somalite extension of Li-Grim
Gender Male
Element Dark / Flame
Lives In the Hollowed Palace, Luba Linn
Family None
Associates All of the Holy Council
Alignment The Holy Council
Weapon Inferno Nocte
Level Lv. 1650
Job Class Biskmatar Judge

Llednar is an extension of the Li-Grim, much like how the Judges are, but different in that Llednar has an individual personality and thoughts, making him more of an independent fighter.

He is a prominent commander of the Holy Council, serving as one of the most powerful fighters other than his superiors.

Llednar is a character from the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games, relatively serving the same purpose as he did in the game but with overall stronger and more vicious.

Appearance Edit

Llednar is a handsome boy with yellow hair, a red hat with white trailing ribbons, red, orange and white armor, belts, fingerless leather metal gloves, knee-high metal boots and orange eyes. Emblazoned on his left arm, the crescent moon with the crystal is there, although not in the picture.

Personality Edit

Llednar is loyal, brave and headstrong. However, at the same time, he is vicious and thirsty for blood, showing a high level of arrogance and sadism to himself, especially in battles. He loves to cause pain to people, and thrills at the sight of bloody combat. Llednar is also somewhat of a social Darwinist, believing in the idea that the weak have no place in the world and therefore exist only to be torn down.

But when the tables are turned on him, he loses his cool and goes outright insane, due to him always wanting to be on top. His Darwinist thinking makes him feel inferior when he encounters an opponent that is stronger than him, and that is the reason why.

He is utterly loyal to the Council, especially the Li-Grim, and will do anything she says.

Background Edit

Being one of the last few memories made by the Li-Grim before the book was shut for another decade or so, Llednar was crafted as a guardian sentinel of the Li-Grim when Kuja took possession of the book. He was originally a darker manifestation of Mewt Randell, the previous owner of the book, but is now his own separate entity, granted with stronger powers than before and new weapons.

Llednar stands as one of the commanders of the Holy Council, serving not only as a personal bodyguard for the Li-Grim, but also as an upholder of the laws, serving as the Biskmatar mageknight along with the Nightshade swordswoman Illua.

One day, he encounters Gakupo in a duel as he tried to find out the location of the Hollowed Palace, but it quickly falls into the favor of the Biskmatar as he violently beats down the Vocaloid samurai. Before he could land the finishing blow, however, he is saved by Princess Peach and Gordon Freeman, who get in Llednar's way long enough for the rest to come and back up Gakupo.

Later on, Llednar and Illua both have them blacklisted and essentially makes them fugitives in Luba Linn, having them be the target of Judges everywhere.

When Alumbra is abducted, Llednar serves as one of the generals for the armies, but is driven off by the Vocaloids and their associates long enough for them to give her back.

Weapons Edit

He has metal gloves that allow him to use his deadly melee attacks, but his true power lies within the Inferno Nocte (Latin: Hell Night) broadsword, which enhances his natural magical prowess and boosts his strength when using dark of flame magic. He also is able to summon a nameless black rapier from the shadows he controls.

He has an amulet called Omega Arts which protects him from all eight elements and increases his strength and defense, but is vulnerable when it is destroyed.

Powers Edit

Llednar's arrogance is not without reason-- he is very strong. As the Biskmatar, he is an incredibly powerful knight and spellcaster, knowing a wide variety of Dark and Flame magic, along with a limited branch of Luna Time magic, which allows him to temporarily stop time for his opponent. He can manipulate shadows, and can augment his strength by covering his body with a flaming aura. His skin is naturally harder than a normal human being's, and his physical strength is beyond normal.

Llednar's specific magic pool consists of these spells-

  • Abyss - He summons decay in the form of yellow globs that poison the opponent.
  • Omega - His most powerful attack, where he charges magic into his sword and lets out a large, devastating explosion of dark energy that obliterates his enemies.
  • Life Render - Using Dark magic, he absorbs life energy through his sword when he cuts an opponent.
  • Ripcircle - He moves lightning fast and attacks a vital area, crippling his opponent.
  • Furycircle - A large sphere of light covers around him, damaging close enemies.
  • Temporal Strike - He stops his opponent in place with Luna Time magic, and closes in on them, attacking them mercilessly.
  • Nuclear Demise - He charges up both Dark and Flame magic, and then fires it up into the air where it falls to the ground as an devastating explosion.
  • etc.

Trivia Edit

  • Llednar's name backwords is Mewt Randell, predictably, as he started out as his darker side.
  • Temporal Strike is a reference to an attack from Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, where Sora stops time and attacks the enemy relentlessly.

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