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Full Name Linoura Tuleriit
Species Zealite
Gender Female
Element Dark / Frost
Alignment The Deathmoon Family / Crimson Crusaders (eventually)
Lives Vermicula Mansion
Family Lirus (brother), Candelabra (creation/daughter), Allen (brother-in-law)
Associates Replicator, Candelabra
Level Lv. 800
Weapon Sacred Lance Aduro
Job Class Tactician

Linoura is a Zealite scientist who serves as the high-ranking tactician for the Deathmoon Family and is one of its most prominent fighters.

She eventually proves to be one of the greatest assets for the Crimson Crusaders.


Linoura is a woman wearing an all black dress that shows off her cleavage, long red nails, a black choker with a red phoenix symbol on it, yellow hair with long twin-tail extensions, blue eyes, detached sleeves, and a large red waistbow with trailing ribbons.


Linoura is cold, cruel and sadistic, as she has no trouble disposing of people, excluding a few. She also has an avid interest in tearing apart her enemies and sewing together body parts to create twisted creations such as mechanoid zombies and other monstrosities. However, she still holds dear to her companions and her brother Lirus, even when he was turned into a human.

This is eventually revealed to be a ruse, as Linoura's true nature is much more kind-hearted and gentler than she lets on. Despite this, she treats Candelabra badly due to being rebellious and is roused by vicious bloodshed. She is wise and masks her emotions to completely fool her enemies and even her allies - she oftenly uses convicted felons and other criminals in her experiments as a source of "do evil onto evil".

Ranking / Powers

As a Zealite, Linoura's powers are high-end as she has power over both Dark, Light, Flame and primarily Frost. She has a sacred lance by the name of Aduro, which was the holy weapon that belonged to the god of Flame and Life, Prometheus. She can even achieve a second form due to bonding with it. However, it's costly and she only uses it as a last resort. Said form includes-

  • Frozen Corona - Linoura's lower body is replaced with that of a flaming mechanical horse with blue fire, she grows angel wings out of her back, she gets a purple visor which covers her eyes that also has a long horn growing out of it, golden armor with several multicolored cloths. Aduro is split into two lances which she holds in both hands. In this form, her control over fire is boosted and can stop rain.


  • Linoura is based off of the Genius Loci Bonnone from Sailor Moon, but was changed almost altogether for Starlit Heroics. Notable differences are the appearances, importance and powers of the two. She is also based off of the villain jester, Kefka Palazzo, from Final Fantasy 6, and is much more resemblant to him than her primary inspiration, Bonnone.
  • A corona is a type of plasma "atmosphere" of the Sun or other celestial body, extending millions of kilometers into space, most easily seen during a total solar eclipse. Pegasus (Greek Πήγασος/Pegasos, Latin Pegasus) is one of the best known fantastical as well as mythological creatures in Greek mythology. He is a winged divine horse, usually white in color. Both of these serve as the inspiration behind Linoura's alternate form.
  • Linoura is one of the few Deathmoon monsters to have an alternate form.
  • Despite not being one of the Trescale family and even bearing her own last name, she has Trescale because human Lirus was born as one of them.

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