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Full Name Laitona Hemidial
Species Human
Gender Female
Alignment Abyss Knights / Crimson Crusaders
Element Light / Flame
Lives In the Solar Manse in the city of Vespera
Family Telesa (mother), Andrew (father, deceased), Vilutia (Adopted son), Mereno (Adopted son), Mimi (Adopted daughter)
Associates Thalassa (Friend), Umbra (Master), Lirus (Friend), Verona (Student), Matthew (Assistant), Gabriel (Assistant)
Alternate Form Abyss Knight uniform / Empyreus (Nachzehrer form)
Level Lv. 800 starting off in Starlit Heroics / Lv. 1500 in Legend of the Rising Star / Lv. 2000 in Empyreus form
Weapon Sun Blade Tyrfing / Holy Sniper Ivaldi
Job Class High Priestess

Laitona is one of the head priestesses for the United Astralune Church and a skilled member of the Abyss Knights. She is a mother of three children and the childhood friend of Thalassa.


Laitona mug
Laitona is a beautiful woman with short yellow hair tied into large ringlets on the sides of her head, blue eyes, gold painted fingernails, and is oftenly seen wearing a black and yellow blazer, black stocking and yellow heeled shoes.

When it concerns her job, she wears an elaborately designed nun's dress complete with a large waistbow, long trailing sleeves, a black hat with a blue crystal on it (which is her Valiant Crystal), and a large black veil.


Laitona was originally a normal girl from the capital city of Tephel in Librata with her mother Atella and her father Andrew. While she had problems with her mother, Andrew would dedicate himself into making sure that his daughter would grow up right.

However, Andrew died in a motorcycle crash on one fateful day and left Laitona alone with Atella. The resulting years were filled with strife and hardship for the young girl, seeing as Atella was free to do whatever she wanted and abused her for a variety of reasons (the most prominent being that she never actually wanted Laitona to begin with)

Due to this, Empyreus, Laitona's malicious alter-ego, was born under the pressure and tempted Laitona to murder Atella in cold blood. She refused multiple times, seeing as she was taught better by Andrew and constantly tried to fight the voice in her head.

During a certain night, Laitona ran away from home to get away from it all, hurt and confused. She ran into the forest nearby the house only to encounter Umbra, who felt the incredibly tangled emotions of the young girl and offered her a position as an Abyss Knight. She accepted and he took her away, with Atella not even caring that Laitona was gone.

As time went by, Laitona grew up in Umbra's care, having been introduced to his own daughter Thalassa - she constantly trained and studied to become not only a strong Abyss Knight but also a priestess for the United Astralune Church. She encountered many new people, challenges and risks but always strived to become the best.

One day while working at the church she was deployed at, three baskets with Lottean (rabbit humanoid) infants were left at the doorstep of the church with Laitona taking in as her children. She agreed to be their mother permanently and took it upon herself to raise them along. The two boys had extraordinary powers, leading several officials to draft them into the army despite Laitona's attempt to dissuade them.

Personality (Laitona)

Laitona is a kind and caring woman, generous to all and forgiving. As a priestess, she is very passionate about what she does, and tries to educate children to go on the right path. 

Despite all of this though, she is also capable of having fun and loves alcohol-- she can also come across as airheaded, impulsive or even outright reckless at her worst, making her a sort of wild card. When it comes to her friends, she cares for them without a second thought and tries to serve as a mother figure. As for her treatment towards her children, she can be very loving but also very strict.

She is also very insightful and cunning, thanks to the education she recieved from Umbra.

Personality (Empyreus)

Due to developing multiple personality disorder when she was younger, Laitona has another personality by the name of Empyreus, who is ruder, ruthless and coarse when compared to her. She was made to cope with Laitona's traumatic childhood, even getting murderous feelings towards her mother, who was her tormentor at the time. However, as she grew up, Empyreus stayed in the back of her head, becoming less and less influential as time passed until she simply became the more cynical side of Laitona.


As an Abyss Knight, she is well-versed in combat as she has been trained since childhood to be good at fighting, thanks to Umbra. But as a priestess, she is also a good healer. She mixes both light and flame magic together into a deadly force, making her the ultimate threat against undead enemies with her sun blade Tyrfing, specifically against the undead and Nachzehrer-- thanks to her family, she is also able to manipulate time against her enemies.

Her gun, the Holy Sniper Ivaldi Type-4 can change shape into different types of firearms, making it incredibly varied. The tendrils coming out of her back are the physical forms of Matthew and Gabriel, which she can use to either attack or obtain information.


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  • Laitona is based off of Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. While they both have a similar design, they are overall different in powers, weapons, purpose, job positions, ages, etc. Also, while Laitona becomes a Nachzehrer, Mami does not become a witch.
    • Similarly, Nevinna Chyba is based off of Charlotte, the witch that led to Mami's demise.

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