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Full Name Iduun / Irene Desonne
Species Nachzehrer
Gender Female
Element Luna / Earth
Alignment Neumond Reich / Her people
Lives Neumond Reich / Nessarel Village (originally)
Associates The Sacrilege Union (Companions), Shade Chevaliers (Servants), etc.
Family Nevinna Chyba (Adopted daughter) / Real family deceased
Weapon Sky Eater bow / Urteil Eisen lance
Level Lv. 1000-1500 (normal form, halved powers) -> Lv. 3000 (Aufstieg)
Alternate Form Goddess of Fury
Status Alive

Iduun is the queen of Neumond Reich, the ultimate enemy of the Black Blood Crusades, and master of the Nachzehrer empire.

She orchestrates the Ranthedis epidemics in order to cover the world in an endless paradise for the Nachzehrer people.


Iduun, or as she was originally known as Irene Nachtsonne three thousand years ago, was an ordinary country girl from the Nessarel Village in the Outer Plains region of Divixus. That is, until her village was ravaged by hordes of Nachzehrer, killing her family and leaving her to perish among with them.

However, Umbra came along and saved her - he then offered her the chance to become an Abyss Knight. She agreed and began a life of hunting down Nachzehrer with other Abyss Knights, gaining new friends and becoming steadily more powerful as time went on.

Unfortunately, dissent between Umbra and Irene began to sprout when she started to ask where the black blooded demons had come from. He denies her any answers, leaving her incredibly suspicious of his motives.

It didn't take until the conversion of one of her best friends into a Nachzehrer for her to immediately deem Umbra as a monster, seeing as she realized that she's probably killed many other Abyss Knights like her that turned into Nachzehrer without ever knowing.

The situation worsens as it is revealed that Umbra is the origin of the Nachzehrer, ultimately sealing Irene's hatred for him as she blames him for the death of her family and many others like her. Since then, Irene has used her anger and despair to become a Nachzeher herself. She hides deep into the earth, encased in crystal as she siphons energy from the earth itself.

She awakens 2000 years later as she finds herself in a different world along with a copy of herself right next to her. The two Irenes gradually adapt to the times and slowly collected runaway Nachzehrer to the Atella Mountains to the far west.

They created Neumond Reich as a result and had the various Nachzehrer-ified people settle homes there, leading to the growth of the city and the evolution of the Nachzehrer species. However, she would also make the Black Blood Militia to defeat Umbra permanently and cloak the entire world in a Nachzehrer paradise -- at the cost of several thousand lives and chaos.

While Neumond Reich was recognized by the Abyss Knights and the other countries of the world before the Black Blood Crusades, they were forced to still their tongues and were put on extensive watch from Umbra once information had leaked that the same black blooded creatures that the Abyss Knights were known for fighting were linked to the people of Neumond Reich - to which Iduun planned around and secretly penetrated their defenses as time went on.


Iduun is a woman with dark maroon hair tied into large ringlets that go down to her back, turquoise-colored eyes, a violet-colored dirndl-esque dress, large sleeves with blue gems on the ends, long black nails, mascara, a blue waistbow with long trailing ribbons and black boots underneath.


Iduun is a woman with pride and dignity - she holds true to tradition and honor. She sees herself as a mother figure to her friends and tries to do good, even if she winds up being controlling in the end.

She loves her people and would go to any lengths to protect them, even if it winds up causing more harm than good. Even though she originally fought the Nachzehrer and hated Umbra for creating them, when she ultimately became one herself, she came to the conclusion that they are not evil by nature and are just maligned which led to her creating the foundation for Neumond Reich far away from the rest of the world.

Umbra, those associated with him and anybody that goes against the Nachzehrer regime are the people who Irene hates with a passion. This very rage turned her into the Nachzehrer Sin of Wrath and fueled her ambitions, leading her to orchestrate the Ranthedis epidemics that sweeped throughout the kingdoms. She knew doing so would cement her in everyone's eyes as a villain, but it doesn't matter to her as long as she sees results.

While she is loving and caring to her adoptive daughter Nevinna Ruzia, she is also very strict and tries to teach her how to be a proper lady, having raised her to be the heir to the throne should Iduun ever get killed. Not only that, she tries to masquerade herself from the public and oftenly uses high amounts of propaganda and deciet to make sure that her people are well under her control.


Iduun possesses the Sky Eater bow and the


Iduun is godlike among the Nachzehrer at her full strength, easily classified as a pinnacle of the species's aptitudes. This is all due to her trademark skill, gained from sapping Mana during her crystallized stasis - Leben Esser (Ger: Life-Eater), which allows her to steal the powers of her fallen enemy and add them to her own. Due to being alive for millennia, Iduun has defeated and absorbed the powers of thousands of people, weak or strong.

Leben Esser also has an offensive side to it - Kräfte der Toten (Ger: Forces of the Dead) where she summons the souls of all those she's consumed to fight for her.

She also possesses the traditional set of Nachzehrer abilities:

  • Blitz: Her Blitz is unmatched among her compatriots, allowing her to move at speeds that are unpredictable to even higher level Nachzehrer.
  • Macht: Her physical strength is enough to cause a massive earthquake and could potentially destroy the planet if she so willed it, at full strength.
  • Rüstung: Iduun is incredibly hard to damage, as even buildings are not enough to scratch her.
  • Zauber: Her magical strength is obscene - she is able to move her castle (with the other Nachzehrer helping) by enveloping it in a sentient, dragon-shaped shadow as large as the castle itself.
  • Gespenst: Like normal Nachzehrer, she is stronger at night than at day.
  • Abhilfe: Iduun can regenerate her wounds at an incredible speed, but pales against Umbra's version. Regardless, it can be nullified by the Dark elemental Anti-Cure spell.
  • Vorsprung: She can detect the strength of her enemies.

While she lacks a traditional Aufstieg, she has a much more fearsome alternative -

  • Goddess of Fury - Unlocked only upon dying, her incredible strength kicks in and activates her Aufstieg - allowing her to come back from the dead as a vengeful valkyrie.

Due to draining the mana of where she slept for hundreds of years, Iduun split into two people. Both of them are completely sentient and possess and incredible amount of power, but should they ever try to fuse together they would become god-like.

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