Alignment Whoever creates them
Species Artificial Apocalyte demons
Weapons All known types
Specific members N/A
Origin Artificially made
Threat Low / Medium / High (depending on which incarnation encountered)
Common element Dark
Level Lv. 200 generally

The Exequias are artificial Apocalytes created for the purpose of an expendable army.


The overall design takes on the appearance of a slim, white armored creature with blue eyes, a zigzagged mouth, pitch-black skin, long red claws and cylinder-shaped legs. They also have the Apocalyte symbol marked on their helmet-like head.

Creators / Overall information 

In Tale of a Sun and Moon, the Exequias are noted to be an artificial species under the employ of the Demon King, Levaras Fallacia. The current model is based on the much older variant originally used by Thanatus himself in the rebellion against the celestial families.

They usually lack any sort of personality, but have notable intellect as they have the ability to gang up on unsuspecting opponents and are able to follow complex orders.


Exequias as a whole are the most balanced monsters when compared to their companions, and can overwhelm any normal human being. Also, there are many versions that have different elements and weapon capabilities, along with more powerful variants, making them wild cards in battle.

They naturally possess all of the Apocalyte abilities:

  • Fulgur (Latin; Lightning) - Only known by advanced Exequias, it is a sort of flash step which allows for quick movement, with several variations. It is identified by a static shock-like noise.
  • Paries (Latin; Wall) - Which increases their durability.
  • Fortis (Latin; Strong Force) - Also known as advanced strength, making some offshoots incredibly strong.
  • Vires Voluntatis (Latin; Strength of Will) - Their magic resistance and strength can be increased through this.
  • Vagos Lux (Latin; Stray Light) - A specialized beam attack-- it hones in on its target and can break through walls.
  • Ligare (Latin; Bind) - A paralyzing attack; while performed in many different ways, if it succeeds, enemies would be unable to attack. It rarely works on stronger opponents.
  • Renovamen (Latin; Rebirth) - Given enough power and time, an Exequias can use its inner primal urges to refine it into a more powerful second form.


  • Generic - A humanoid form with no real weaknesses or strengths. It is the most common form of Exequias.
  • Kitten - A small cat Exequias. These demonic felines charm all who try to fight them with their adorable looks and promptly murder them.
  • Sentinel - A large bulky Exequias. These prioritize strength over all else, but are slow and open to attack.
  • Garrison Sniper - A well-defended Exequias that attacks from afar.
  • Winged Guard - An Exequias type with mastery over the air - their swiftness is unmatched despite carrying heavy axes.


  • The Exequias were based off of Formless from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, along with the Soldier Heartless and Dusk Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts.


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