Full name Augustus 
Species Lucares cat humanoid / Reincarnated god
Gender Male
Element Light / Flame
Level LV. 500 starting off
Weapon Erebus Scythe, Phasma Blade, etc.
Job Class

Augustus Octavia is


Augustus is a humanoid cat person with white fur and a tail, green eyes, spiky red hair, a navy blue shirt, a brown trenchcoat with a hoodie, blue jeans and white shoes. He is 19 years old.


He is laid-back, energetic and non-confrontational, along with being unsure with a majority of his actions -- if only at first. While he is cowardly at times, he would risk everything to prove himself. As time goes on and the more experienced Augustus becomes, he matures and becomes less meek -- mostly due to the new responsibilities and people in his life, which makes him decide to improve his skills and become a stronger man. As a result of this, he becomes more aloof during certain moments.




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