Species Spiritual beings
Element Varied
Weapons Varied
Alignment Varied
Specific Members The Fallacia Family (3 False Angels and a Succubus), Marronus (Viscemare), etc.
Subspecies The different types of Apocalyte encountered
Locale Various prison moons in Hell, the largest being Tartarus
Origin Deceased people sent to Hell / Natural born demons
Type Demonic beings
Life Core Type Devil Gem

Apocalytes are a class of demons originally made by the patriarch of the Deathmoon Family at the time, Thanatus. 

They are primarily deceased humans and other sentient creatures who have committed a great number of sins or have fallen to regret in death.

Apocalytes stand as the opposite of mortal beings throughout the universe.


Apocalytes are the souls of sinful or regretful mortals converted into demons upon death.

However, the term Apocalyte also applies to the monsters that Thanatus created personally, such as his Reapers or the natural-born monsters that exist on the various prison moons.

When Thanatus declared war on the two Families, accompanied by Demedis and Amentia, he released the Apocalytes from the prison moons and laid seige on various Deathmoon facilities, with the greatest casualty being the expansive Ars Goetia. The Ars Goetia was consumed, with numerous members either killed or retreating to the Mortal Realm, never to be seen again.

In that time, a quartet of demon siblings attempted to claim Hell for themselves when each side was exhausted. They became known as four of the most dangerous beings in Hell at the time, but were eventually defeated when the Astralune Family stepped in.

Appearances / Behaviors

Apocalytes have no singular appearance and come in varying shapes, colors and sizes. Some take the appearance of deep sea creatures (False Angels), humans, formless shadowy abominations, etc. 

However, they have a few defining traits: the Devil Gem that lies inside of their bodies. Dead mortals tend to take a sickly or discolored skin (or fur if animal humanoid) tone accompanied by a light blue glow around their bodies, usually with skeletal bodies and blue Ether fire floating around them. 

The more unstable types of Apocalytes usually take to animalistic or non-human forms until they become stronger. This is referred to as the Signati (Latin: Sealed) stage of an Apocalyean's existence. This is directly stated by Bellamine Fallacia, who herself used to take on a squid-like form before growing into the humanoid Dominus (Latin: Master) class. 

When it comes to mannerisms, many Apocalytes exemplify negative emotions such as arrogance, greed, etc. They also usually have an insatiable hunger for power and often consume each other to gain more strength. When it comes to spiritually aware mortal beings, an Apocalyte's presence is signified by an extreme sense of dread or malice which is more severe depending on what subspecies is. 


As a species, the Apocalytes have special skills that usually far surpass any normal human being or ghost. Due to their destructive powers, they are feared and locked away in Hell.

Their purple blood and powers are also venomous to angelic creatures such as the Phastista, which puts them at risk of their soul being destroyed. In retaliation, Phastista and those blessed by them cultivate their skills from subjugating Apocalyeans to outright destroying their souls in order to prevent them from reincarnating.

  • Vanesco (Latin: Vanish) - A skill inherently known by strong Apocalyeans-- it is a quick movement technique, with several variations. It is identified by an ominous low droning noise and envelops the user in shadow beforehand.
  • Paries (Latin: Wall) - Their equivalent of high endurance, which makes them resistant to most conventional forms of damage.
  • Magna Forti (Latin: Great Strength) - Also known as advanced strength, making them incredibly strong.
  • Vires Voluntatis (Latin: Force of Will) - Among the Apocalyeans lies enhanced magical prowess, making them dangerous enemies.
  • Lux (Latin: Light) - A specialized beam attack-- it has a limited homing ability and can break through walls.
  • Ligare (Latin: Bind) - A paralyzing attack; while performed in many different ways, if it succeeds, enemies would be unable to attack. It rarely works on stronger opponents.
  • Renovamen (Latin: Rebirth) - The unlocked state of the Apocalyean, which causes their former abilities and sometimes appearance of their Signati form to arise. It is comparable to the Nachzehrer's Aufstieg, the Phastista's Sanct Res, and so on. In Renovamen, an Apocalyte is fully healed of previous injuries, but drains most of their power when it is finished.
  • Punctura (Latin: Puncture) - An ability known only by the more powerful Apocalyte members, and an innate skill for Reapers. It allows the user to break into the Mortal Realm, completely bypassing the Gates of Hell. Unskilled uses of it tend to alert the Celestial Families of the user's presence outside of Hell, making it a double-edged sword.
  • Along with several other unknown abilities.


Italicized means mechanical / artificial life form.

Specific characters

Introduced in Tale of a Sun and Moon

  • Levaras (False Angel)
  • Amedia (False Angel)
  • Artelus (False Angel)
  • Bellamine (False Angel)
  • Selena (Succubus)
  • Marronus (Viscemare)
  • Azrael (Reaper)
  • Phoebe (Reaper)
  • Byron (Reaper)
  • Lucius (Reaper)
  • Vesta (Reaper)
  • Eurus (Reaper)
  • Thetis (Reaper)
  • Chloris (Reaper)
  • Orcus (Daemonis)
  • Lezareth (Soul Witch)

Introduced in the Black Blood Crusades

  • Anjorus (Fenade)
  • Sathala (Soul Witch)
  • Rezmalel (Daemonis)
  • Luzmiel (False Angel)


  • The Apocalyean race in general shares many resemblances to the Hollows / Arrancar from Bleach, although there is more of a Latin motif than there is Spanish.


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